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Getting Started with Window Treatments

You want to decorate your windows for style, comfort and practicality. How you dress a window is one of the most important decorating decisions you’ll make. Go from room to room and ask yourself:

  • How will we use the room? Plan on diffused light for dining, hard working window treatments and ventilation in the kitchen, and light control to prevent glare on computer and television screens. Think safety in kids’ rooms, privacy for the master suite and humidity-tolerance in baths.
  • How important are privacy, security and sound absorption? Is there a nearby neighbor or a busy street? Are windows easily accessible? Is traffic or public space a factor?
  • Are there natural and ultraviolet (UV) light issues to address? Window treatments can protect fabrics, furnishings and woods from fading and deterioration.
  • Is energy efficiency a consideration? Walls of uncovered windows can bring the beautiful outdoors in, but also impact your energy bills and comfort.photoGalleryInitialBgYour answers will help you make appropriate decisions as you consider stylish products.