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Retractable awnings: Wind, rain and snow oh my!

We all know the benefits for retractable awnings, right?  We have all seen you-know-who’s commercial for them.  At Kaplan’s, we don’t sell that particular brand but we do sell high quality, MADE in USA, retractable awnings.  Kaplan’s carries the following brands of retractable awnings:  Sunair, Perfecta, Eastern and Craftbilt.  They are custom made sizes and colors as well as other accessories such as being motorized or with automated sensors.

Retractables give you the advantage of having shade when you want it. With motorized or manual operation, you can shade your deck on those hot sunny days or keep the awning rolled in when it’s cloudy and a shaded area is not needed. Kaplan’s only sells motorized retractables with a manual override.  That way if the power goes out, you can still roll in your retractable awning.

We have had a crazy year with high temperatures, high winds and rain that seems to come down in buckets; so here are some guidelines:


1.     If you see Benjamin Franklin walking by with a key on his kite.
2.     If a cow followed by the Wicked Witch of the West goes by.
3.     If it is literally raining cats and dogs.
4.     Anytime the Emergency Broadcast System interrupts your favorite TV show or radio song.
5.     If you are switching channels and you happen to catch the weather man utter the words “golfball sized hail.”
6.     If you have to resist the urge to run to the store to stock up for supplies as you hear a nor’easter is on its way.

But seriously, if you aren’t comfortable in the existing weather conditions it seems only wise to retract your awning.  We are confident in the quality of our retractable awnings to withstand light wind loads that but if your book or newspaper seems like they are trying to fly away in freedom, you should roll it in. The awning should always be retracted in heavy rains, thunderstorms or windy conditions. Retractable awnings are not designed to be rolled out for long periods of time.  In fact, we recommend that unless you are sitting under the awning or are nearby, you keep the awning retracted (rolled in).
The basic rule is plain common sense. If weather conditions prevent you from being outside, or it you feel the need to close your windows to prevent rain or wind damage, then the awning should be rolled in.  And if you are unsure, roll it in, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Because, damage to your awning from inclement weather is not covered by the warranty!