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Brrr-It’s getting cold in here!

What? It’s getting cold in your house? While replacing your windows is a great start, you should consider getting quality blinds. We have been installing blinds for decades and can help you make the right decision.

Here are some things to consider when considering blinds-

  1. They can save you money. You might have been thinking how this would cost you to install but the truth is quality blinds help reduce drafts, keep heat in that all help reduce your electric bill.
  2. There are pros and cons to all styles of blinds. We’ve been there, done that and can share our experiences to help guide you to what is right for you.
  3. We want you to make the right choice for look as well as function. Working with Hunter Douglas we have great options that help you work both function and style into your blind choice.

Not sure where you want to start? Come visit our store and you can view our in-store samples or peruse the many style books we keep current.  Want more help- schedule an appointment with our window treatment expert who can do an in-home visit to look at sizes and options for your home.


It’s time to get into the Season of Style



Spring Hunter Douglas Promotions

So many ways to save with Hunter Douglas in 2015. First, you can save February 1st through April 25th with several rebate options which not only save you on the blinds themselves you can save on your heating bill all winter!

(No maximum untios; minimum unit purchases required as noted below)

$100- 4 ea. Duette(R) honeycomb shades ($25 each additional unit)

$100- 4 ea. Solera(R) soft shades ($25 each additional unit)

$100- 2 ea. Silhouette(R) window shadings ($50 each additional unit)

$100-2 ea. Vingette (R)Modern Roman Shades ($50 each additional unit)

Give us a call at Kaplan’s and we can set up a time to help you find the perfect window treatments for your home. vingette windows hunter douglas


#NinetyOneYears Campaign Coming to An End

It’s been a fun almost 91 days sharing photos going back sometimes 60+ years of installations, residential and business clients, and family.  We are posting #Day87 and there are just four days more left. Did your photo get shared? Email us a photo of your awning, banner, or window treatment and we can share it on day #91.



At Kaplan’s we are proud of our long family-owned history. We’ve been around the block, probably around your block in fact, in the last NINETY ONE YEARS! We still have all our records on hand so that means if you buy a new house that at one time had an awning you can ask us to look up the address and if they had one through us we still know all the details. Even from NINTY ONE YEARS ago!

Our friends on Facebook may have already notice our hashtag campaign, but if you haven’t jump on our Facebook and give it a look. http://www.facebook.com/kaplanawning  (Feel free to like us too!)  We have been recognizing customers each day for ninety one days and we still have fifty plus days to go.  One customer a day to honor our ninety one days in business. Want your awning featured? Send us a photo to info@Kaplanwning.com

kaplan awning collage


Save This Winter With Energy Efficient Window Treatments

hunterdouglas 9-16-14Triple Feature- 1) Update your home with a new stylish look that is 2) energy efficient and will save you on your energy bills, and by buying now you will 3) save on your purchase through the Season of Style sale with Hunter Douglas.  An early gift to your home!


HunterDouglas Celebration of Light Savings Event

hunterton douglas Silhouette special


Custom Banners For Any Occasion

Yes, Kaplan Enterprises celebrated 90 years last year and we do specialize in awnings.  However, did you know that we do SOOO much more?  We make custom banners for all occasions!  Personal or business we can bring any type of event to life with a sign to let the world know what is happening.  Here is one of our latest projects for a family to announce their baby coming home.  Who wouldn’t want such a fantastic welcome?

kaplan baby banner


Window Treatments Act as Insulation

Hunter Douglas blindsWith the lower than normal tempatures, you may be thinking for some ways to conserve on heat/energy costs.  At Kaplan Enterprises we have many solutions to save on energy costs.  One is to install Hunter Douglas window treatments because we know that in the winter, as much as 40% of the heat that escapes a home flows through the windows. During the summer, heat from the sun’s rays coming through the windows can make it harder to keep a home cool. Energy-efficient window treatments can help decrease heat loss and heat gain, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. Some treatments are more energy efficient than others, so make sure to check a product’s R-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) rating. The R-value is a measure of a product’s ability to resist heat flow, which is especially important in the cool winter months. The higher the R-value number, the more insulation it provides and the better it is at reducing heat loss. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the amount of solar heat that passes through a window, where 0=none and 1=all. The lower a product’s SHGC, the less solar heat it transmits and the cooler the home will stay in the warm summer months.


Peace Candle Flags ARE IN!

Click here for the order form or here to order online.


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