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Kaplan’s, in its third generation of family ownership, was founded in 1923 by Morris Kaplan in Easton. The firm has been located in downtown Easton since 1928. Sid Kaplan, David and Randi’s father, entered the business thereafter.

Kaplan’s business “is not the type of business you go to school for,” said Randi. “Its something you have to be involved in to learn how to do it. Its very hands-on, which is why there are few awning companies.”

Randi and David helped out with the business when they were between 8 and 10 years old. “If you were big enough to use a pair of scissors, you would help do the cut outs on the awnings,” said Randi. “We learned how to sew on an old pedal sewing machine before using electric ones.

Kaplans offers both stationary and retractable awnings, the latter of which are sold as temporary sun covers and are no designed to handle bad weather. Stationary awnings, which Kaplan’s has built as large as 100 feet wide, are left up year round.

The company travels as far north as the Poconos, as far east as Morrisville, New Jersey, as far west as Allentown, and as far south as Milford and Frenchtown, to do work.

While custom made awnings are Kaplan’s concentration, interior window treatments such as shades and blinds, flags and decorative banners are also part of their product line. Banners and signs are the newest part of the business.

Kaplan’s is the only shop in Easton that carries a full selection of American made American flags, They also carry the City of Easton flag, as well as a variety of other flags. They have access to any kind of flag and can produce custom flags as well.

Kaplan’s is one of the few awning companies that still services awnings, putting them up in the spring and taking them down in the fall. They will also do an necessary minor repairs to awnings.

If a customer has damages to their awning, Kaplan’s will evaluate the damage and get  a quick response to insurance companies.

Some of Kaplan’s clients include the Lafayette College, Moravian College & Book Store, St. Luke’s Anderson, , Easton Canal Boat, School Districts, Municipalities, and many others.

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