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DIY —take down your own awnings.

As we are moving into the Autumn season and the weather is getting cooler, it is definitely time to take down your awning.   You do NOT want to leave it up too long or you may need much more repair after a winter storm.  For those of you who would like to do this on your own, here is a great checklist for the DIY-er.

To take it down:

  • Only take it down when weather permits.
  • Make sure that your awning is completely dry.  Mildew is a fabric’s greatest foe, and is caused by dampness. Mildew may grow on the surface of a damp awning and permanently stain the fabric.
  • Brush top and underside of the awnings clean by simply brushing with a clean household broom.
  • Don’t force or yank the awnings when raising or lowering them. Do it gradually.

Once you take it down.

  • Don’t drag your awning across any abrasive surfaces, such as cement, asphalt or the awning frame.
  • Check your seams.  Over the winter, is a great time to do any necessary repairs to the awnings. That way you won’t have to worry about them opening during the time in storage or even worse, during the next awning season.  You can bring it in to Kaplan’s for professional repairing if you’d like.
  • Clean your awning.  Brush it off with a broom and spot clean it.  You can use a mild soap, but rinse thoroughly and immediately. Special cleaners and protestants are available. Don’t wash your awnings with a harsh or strong solution, or scrub too vigorously with an abrasive cleaner.  Don’t pressure wash it.

Here is our awning care page for more ideas.